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Greetings NPHC Community,
The ultimate social networking platform that every D9 Greek has been waiting for is finally here! If you belong to any of the nine historically Black fraternities/sororities and believe being a leader in your community while exhibiting the basic principles of your founding fathers is the best decision you’ve ever made, then this app is perfect for you. So Divine is the very first sounding board of its kind for African American Greeks across the nation to capture the spirit of everything it means to be a part of the NPHC. Each organization is defined by its unique identity and style, yet it’s these differences which bring us together to unite us all. LET’S SEE WHO REALLY RUNS THE YARD!

About So Divine:
This app was designed for the historically black Greek organizations to make a lot of noise on their campuses and in their communities!! Yet, this app is not designed for solely the African American community but to all ethnicities. With this app, Greeks will have the ability to post pictures, videos, and upcoming events that they are having. Unlike other social networking apps, people within a 50-mile radius will be automatically connected to the Divine Nine Greeks. On a lot of campuses and communities, people are always looking for ways to get involved. The problem is, most people don’t know where to go. With the events and locations being provided, it opens up a lot of doors for people to come check out what’s going on and will create an opportunity for your event to be a success.

This app is beneficial for the non-greek users as well. With being a non-greek user, you have your own login and will be able to view everything that the greeks on your campus and in your community are posting. We all know that when pursuing to be a part of the Divine Nine, discretion is a must. There is a “Direct Message” portion in the app where you can contact any member of the greek organizations and ask any question you have about his or her organization and the way in which you have to go to pursue. Once again, you will be automatically connected to all greek users so all you would have to do is go to “Direct Message” and type in the name of the person in which you wish to contact. This app also has push-notifications so you would never be unaware of what’s going on with the greeks on your campus.

D9 Connections is a national alliance of ground breaking idea sharing from the most talented, intelligent, fashion-forward, trend-setting, ego-raising, swagger strutting young adults of our generation all in one place. You’ll be intrigued by diverse perspectives, entertained by original video covering chapters from various geographic regions, and get the chance to represent your letters with pride.

Download Today!! This app will give you an opportunity to help you fill in the black, connect the dots and show you the hype to what's real!! 

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